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Why Drumming?

Power of drumming

Drumming is an age-old way of communicating and of forming and strengthening a community.

Drumming together leads to unity and team building

This is an effective way to allow a diverse group of people to communicate with each other, listen to each other and work together as a team and make music.

Stimulates, gives relaxation and makes people receptive

It quickly puts people in a state where they are focused and clear.

  • It taps into creativity

    The participants are taught to stop thinking and to feel the rhythm! The left and right hemispheres of the brain are used simultaneously. This stimulates creative or 'out of the box' thinking.

    Learning and insight

    The participants learn how important it's to work together and listen to each other, and the importance of their own individual contribution within the context of the team.


    We let your employees work together and listen to each other, in this way they experience a sense of pleasure and involvement.

    Benefits of Drumming for Team Building

    Create unity and team spirit

    Relaxation through effort

    Breaking barriers

    Reducing stress

    Learn to collaborate better

    Celebrate success together

    What They Say About Us...

    Michael Langer – Vice President Technology Test & Certification Liberty Global

    I invited the Drum Cafe team to my team event for a first time all staff meeting: team building for a group of internationally diverse and highly distributed employees, to perform after dinner as a surprise activity. It was big fun and I got very good feedback from the team. I think it is a perfect instrument to combine good entertainment with engagement of the individuals. Everyone can be reached by Music – or in this case just drum beats – and thus this is a great experience for the team to work in harmony. I recommend to invite Drum Cafe especially in cases where a new team needs to grow into a unity. Fun, great entertainment with high level of team engagement, harmony across the group. Thanks again for your performance and the short notice flexibility.Fulfilled its purpose. My team event was because of your contribution a big success.Stay in touch. I will for sure recommend you to my peer colleagues

    Irma van der Fluit – Directeur marketing en communicatie – ’s Heeren Loo

    The Drum Cafe lets you experience what you can accomplish when you make music together, how you can respond to each other and what you can achieve (more) together than alone, but also what it sounds like when there are no proper agreements for cooperation, and what fun it gives when you play together. The team on stage was energetic and invited to participate. The 'assignments' were fun and varied. The Drum Cafe is energizing and inspiring. And to be recommended in a team development project. Making music together touches each other in the heart, it connects, gives pleasure and releases something in teams. And how nice it is to hear how beautiful it sounds when you work well together. A very positive experience.

    Ruby Chadwick – International Programmes – The Resource Alliance

    760 participants, Leeuwenhorst, Noordwijkerhout Our goal was to engage the guests in something fun but also meaningful Drum Cafe did this perfectly. The energy in the room during the drumming session was incredible, Patrick and his team connected the fun elements of the drums with the message behind our organizations - connecting and working together to change the world. It was very entertaining, full of energy, inclusive and with a message that perfectly matched ours. Everyone I spoke to absolutely loved it, it was truly a fantastic evening, and the drumming session was an excellent addition - thank you so much for being part of our conference. One word: perfect, couldn't have asked for more! Thank you. 

    What Does One Session Of Team Drumming Include?

    Togetherness and energy

    Drum Cafe uses rhythm and lots of humor to increase togetherness and build energy.

    Comfort zone

    We get the participants out of their "comfort zone" very easily in the mood to make contact with each other and share energy.

    Unique customization

    Each session is unique and often relevant and is tailor-made for you, so that it fully matches the goal, theme and experience you have in mind.

    Profit and effect

    - Instant success guaranteed.

    - New practical skills are acquired and applied in a safe environment.

    - Other ways to communicate with each other.

    - Improves team spirit.

    - More respect for each other.

    - Surprisingly different way of working together and listening to each other

    Target audience

    Our sessions are suitable for all target groups.We have the experience and ability to get everyone in the rhythm and out of their comfort zone.Whether it concerns scientists, construction workers, dental assistants, IT professionals, lawyers, politicians, etc.



    This Is What We Are Talking About...


    It all started in the early 90s when Patrick Tromp came into contact with the African drum. 

    After playing on the street for a while, he started taking percussion lessons from both Dutch and African teachers and in 1995 he went to the African continent for the first time. He came back with 20 drums, that was the start of teaching and giving workshops hiself.


    As an experienced teacher, he transfer the African rhythms with passion in a simple and playful way.

    "If you have a heartbeat, you have rhythm"

    "Everything is right, nothing is wrong"

    It is mainly about enjoying, working together and laughing together and the feeling to get connected that naturally arises when you play the drums with each other.

    In collaboration with African artists we provide sessions for companies, schools and individuals party’s, where participants, by drumming themselves and laughing together, build energy and create solidarity.

    Since 2008 we have been a member of Drum Cafe, an international organization that provides interactive drum sessions for companies and conferences and is an innovator in the field of integrating rhythm as part of: togetherness, inspiration, energy and fun. We represent the Benelux, but we have also given sessions in Austria, Hungary, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Denmark and Japan in collaboration with other Drum Cafes.

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